Why North Queensland


Gareth came to North Qld to play for Hyundai A League side North Queensland Fury. On his arrival back to Australia in Townsville he found a dedication to soccer of all ages.
Never a home game went by without 4000+ dedicated fans at home games and the  F Troop supporters singing their hearts out.
Children were so passionate about the game it gave them a pathway to aspire to, not knowing that it was all about to be taken away with the demise of the Fury.
Townsville is a self supporting city that can host all sports, from Rugby, Basketball, cricket etc. with the ability to achieve supporters and players.

The decision to hang up his professional boots was very difficult for Gareth. He made the decision and turned down offers from A League, English, Iranian, Chinese ,Thai & Indian clubs to follow his new dream, Coaching.
In Qld Gareth wanted to make a difference, give back what he had been given over the years, opportunity! Commitment is what he asked for, and the aspiring youngsters of Qld have committed fully.  Gareth, GESA, will do their utmost to help provide the training to help achieve the best level attainable.

Gareth is also head of the Football Qld local SAP & TSP programs in Townsville working also with NQ Football in the player pathway.

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