What is the Gareth Edds Soccer Academy?

The Gareth Edds Soccer Academy (GESA) is NOT a regular team, or affiliated with any Team.
It is a Private Training and Development Squad aimed at developing individual players. GESA does not play in any regular, organised local competition. Gareth encourages all members of his GESA squads to play for their local teams, representative teams, State Leagues etc. GESA IS a training-based program specifically tailored to help participants develop individually across all aspects of their game, in particular their technical ability, game reading and awareness skills.  To help monitor player progression, Gareth will occasionally enter groups into carnivals and friendly games throughout Australia.

Between the ages of 6 and 14, children develop their football skills at a different pace. Some accelerate early and then slow to a more consistent pace, while others will start slowly and steadily but accelerate later. There is no right or wrong schedule.What the GESA training program aims to do is have all children who show early potential, to be working at a similar level by the age of 14. In football, these are key development years, where children develop naturally when guided in the right way.

The Process
Initially, Gareth will do an individual player assessment. The player will then be put into a group based on ABILITY, NOT AGE. This ensures that the player is receiving specific coaching based on their individual requirements. This helps to maximise development potential.
GESA sessions last approximately 1 ½ hours  (but those who know Gareth will tell you the sessions often go longer as they are having so much fun!)
All sessions are individually planned so the young players get the maximum benefit from each session. However, the first and most important thing is FUN! Children develop better and with more confidence when having fun while they are learning.
However, the sessions do have discipline. Please read our CODE of CONDUCT on our downloads page.
A home training program will also be set for players. This will only take up as much time as the player wishes. Gareth coaches from ages 5yrs upwards.  GESA does require commitment. Coaching is not just “in season”. It continues year round. Studies show that during the off-season  young players can take significant steps backwards. Continuation in skill development if of the utmost importance for young players. The key for developing elite young players is to ensure that progression is steady and development is managed over time. It is not about the here and now, it is about the future!


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