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Hi Everyone,
Thanks so much for your interest in the GESA Teen-Elite Strength and Condition Program at BFiTT.
We’ve had a lot of interest in this program and it’s great to see spaces filling up so fast.
We wanted to get this info out quickly so that no body missed out.

We are super excited about this program and looking forward to seeing the massive improvements
across all of these kids. Team GESA is going to a force to recon with in 2018.



As you know we’ve designed this program to not only be perfect for going bodies but also perfect for you. The parents.
Without you, none of this is possible. You are the champions behind these young champions.
We wanted to help make your life as easy as possible the program has been designed as combination of both
in-house and at home programming. To enable maximum flexibility and ensure that every GESA child has access
to the programming they need to be their best.


The program is broken down into THREE main components:

  • The intake program

  • The Studio & on field at GESA programming, and

  • The at-home programming


** The first INTAKE program will start THIS Saturday the 17th Feb. **

This session will run from 1-3pm. Bookings are ESSENTIAL.
These sessions will run each weekend up until the season begins,
at which time sessions will be booked around the game draw.



  The INTAKE Program                                                              


This is the most critical component.

Here we address the main factors of training with youths.

  • Technique and form: Ensuring that your child knows not only HOW to do the movements correctly, but also WHY we do them.

  • Mindset: The key to a great player and great training, is all in the mindset of the player… EGO can never be a reason why,
    success comes from having the balance to know when to push hard and when to step back and rest.

  • Safety: the most important factor of all is safe training. There is no point pushing hard, if it stops your career from injury.
    Learning to train safely and for a long term goal over a short term gain is critical.

  • Stretching and Injury Management: No one wants to be injured so knowing how to stretch to avoid injury is very important.


At the end of this 4 week program we’ll have a much more in depth view of your child’s strengths and weakness, meaning their
programs from this point can be individually tailored to get the best from their games. We can also help to address restrictions and potential risks
before they occur by looking at preventive and corrective techniques for those who are still growing into their bodies.


  The GESA STUDIO Program                                                              


This is where the individual programs are run. They are supervised by our specialist coaches to ensure maximum results, not just a massive work effort. It’s all about teaching each player to think about training correctly for them, it’s never about lifting more, it’s about becoming a stronger player.


These sessions are strictly by appointment and are capped at 12 players per session. To ensure that every player receives the attention they need to see amazing results.


Initial Session times will be:


 Monday:                                           15:30              17:30             

 Tuesday:                   06:00              15:30

 Wednesday:                                                            16:30

 Thursday:                  06:00              15:30

 Friday:                       06:00                                     16:30

 Saturday:                  INTAKE SESSIONS:  13:00 – 15:00


 The AT-HOME Programming                                                  


This is where the program really comes to life.


Strength training, is not something you can do occasionally, just being a better player. It’s not a hobby it’s a dedication born of passion.

So while each child will have access to the BFiTT Studios 1-2 times each week, being able to attend every week is not a critical part of the program. Once the INTAKE part of the program is completed, each player receives a custom program with 1-2 compnents.


The first part being their main program. This part can be done at home with or without equipment depending on what you have available at your home or in your area. This program can be done 3-4 times per week (wew recommend a minimum of 2 sessions though) . This will form the bulk of the program to ensure an easy transition into strength training and being a much stronger player on and off the field.
This program see it’s strength through consistant efforts from players rather than big feats of strength. The BEST players have a rock solid consitant routine, each and every week.


The second part is their access to sessions at our private sutudio under the eagle eyes of our strength coaches. These sessions as outlined above will give each player access to extra skills and technique coaching to ensure that they are not just doing the program, but perfecting the movements and progressing towards their individual goals. This is detailed above.


*Once again this program is not a weight loss or body building program. Safe training principles to improve each players game will be paramount. Although for less lean players, some fat loss may occur from an increased exercise routine.


 The ACTUAL Programming                                                     


This is really cool.

Each player will have their program designed for them to build on their weaknesses. This custom program will then be delivered via our custome training application, which can be run from any tablet or smart phone (or computer) where each program will have details for what to do and when as well as videos showing the correct form and tip for each exercise… so “I forgot how” is never a problem.


This can be either delivered directly to their phone/tablet or as parents, your phone/tablet.

Once  aplayer completes a sessions they simply record their session details (if required) and click DONE.
We see see their progress and can interact as required, or players can request help, a call or assitance during a visit at their next session.


We’ve made this thing so simple to follow and bulletproof.

Results are as simple as log on, follow the videos, click done and log off.



  As Promised….                             


This level of coaching and programming would normally run out at almost $100 a week.

For GESA players we have taken 50% off.  

The normal GESA price is $49/week..





As promised for the first 50 parents to register their players, you receive a further 50% off that price


Meaning you get the entire program for just $25/week (for the life of the membership)

Your price will be locked in and will not rise.


We have weekly and fortnightly payment optons as well as the options to receive 12 week block invoices.

These memberships do not have a “minimum term” meaning you are not locked in for any period of time.

[If you wish to exit, simple advise us in writing via email and we’ll take care of the rest.]


  A Little SOMETHING for the PARENTS                                 


This is something a lot of you have asked about already and so we though we’d make it simple.


Our studio does not operate as a public gym… instead we offer a private training facility where people can achieve results with real exercise routines and realistic nutrition and advice… you’re not all body builders and national athletes…. Just some of you 😊


Typically we offer custom memberships to everyone who attends… there is no “ one size fits all” option here at BFiTT. Afterall, you all likely want and need something a little different from the next person.


So we have options from $10 to even an option for unlimited Personal Training for less than $100, as well as custom options on Private coaching.


All memberships with us are all inclusive, you get:

  • All sessions included

  • All you regular measurements and custom assessments

  • All access to classes and public group programs

  • Bonus FREE adventure sessions every 6 weeks

  • Regular free events.

  • 24/7 support from your own personal success coach

  • Unlimited access to our habit nutrition programming to help you find a plan that works and is simple to do.

  • Free access to our nutrition coaches to help you with the tricky bits

  • Free at home programming for when you’re away or unable to attend

  • An environment built for your success

  • A support community that will only ever help you reach for success (be a grand plan or simple goals)



As GESA parents, you get some exclusive bits too… you will:

  • Be eligible for an initial 2 weeks of FREE access to all classes, Boot Camps and
    Personal  Training to “try us out” and see if we’re right foro you first.

  • If you join us afterwards, you will Automatically receive 20% OFF any membership optoin with us.

  • You will also be automatically added to our rewards program to earn points to spend on anything you like with us.

  • Shoud you refer a friend (GESA parent or not) you will receive a further 20% off your membership…
       …Yes, your GESA discount plus 4 referals earns you 100% off… no catches. Just a big old Thank you 😊




We know this is a lot to take in so please feel free to read it again. Yes the freee stuff is all legit, and actually free 😊

If you have any further questions, you can absolutely give me a call or shoot me an email,
just reply to this email or jump on the BFITT-GESA page to register your details for the program.


Once registered, we’ll give you a quick call and answer any questions you have about getting started.

As promised the first 50 parents who register their kids will get this program at the discounted rate.

As of the sending of this email, 30% have already sold, get in noe before they are sold out.

Once the program is full. Registrations will close until spaces become available.



Best of luck.

You’re all doing an amazing job, we look forward to working with you and your young stars in the making.







Ben Channon
Ben Channon – Director
BFiTT Allied Health & Personal Training

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